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Stratasys Direct is a leader in 3D printing and additive manufacturing services. We provide 3D printing services, rapid prototyping, and production part manufacturing for companies in a wide range of industries. 

We work with some of the world’s leading companies in aerospace, automotive, consumer products, and medical, and have a reputation for high-quality precision manufacturing. 

From design assistance and material selection to prototyping and production, we provide customized solutions that meet your needs and budget.

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Technologies Offered by Stratasys Direct





Fused Deposition Modeling uses engineering-grade thermoplastics to produce manufacturing aids, prototypes, and end-use parts for a wide range of applications and industries

A powder bed fusion (PBF) process that delivers production volumes at competitive prices and speed, with fine detail, dimensional accuracy, and robust mechanical performance

An evolution of digital light processing, P3™ is a resin-based technology ideal for the production of functional end-use parts with surface quality rivaling injection molding

Builds incredibly realistic, opaque & transparent full-color models in multiple materials with varied hardness, and is ideal for prototypes and vibrant color models




Injection Molding

A powder bed fusion technology that deposits bonding agents to the powder which are then fused to create high-detail, batch-manufacturable parts

Selective Laser Sintering creates strong, lightweight parts from Nylon materials, and is ideal for functional testing, production applications, and engineering studies

Stereolithography is a technology that creates large, beautiful, high-resolution parts such as wind tunnel and painted display models

High-volume manufacturing process injecting molten material into molds, creating complex, accurate parts with excellent repeatability and cost efficiency

Instant Quotes

Obtaining a personalized instant quote for 3D-printed parts is quick and effortless! Our instant quoting system is available round the clock, every day of the year, making it the fastest way to place an order and receive your custom 3D-printed components.

Simply create an account, upload an STL or native CAD file, and generate your quote within minutes. With our platform, you have the flexibility to select from various technologies, materials, post-process finishing options, and quality levels. Once you're ready to proceed, you can conveniently place and track your order directly from the dashboard.

To see a step-by-step demonstration, watch the video walkthrough and click the button below when you're prepared to begin!

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Why Choose Stratasys Direct?

Instant pricing and fast delivery

Huge capacity with 200+ in-house industrial printers

50+ high-performance polymer materials

25+ post-processing and inspection options

3D printing pioneer and leader in polymer additive manufacturing (AM)

30 years pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AM

Support team of 3D printing experts to assist with the most complex projects

World-class Quality Management Systems with the latest technologies and processes

ITAR registered, ISO 9001 certified, AS9100 certified

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