Additive Metals: 

Achieving Process Repeatability

In recent years, nothing has garnered more attention, and growth, in the 3D printing industry than Additive Metals. With this attention, however, has come skepticism about whether additive metals can achieve repeatability requirements accustomed to metal manufacturing.

In this webinar, DMLS Product Manager Eric Mutchler highlights the capabilities of manufacturing additive metal production parts, and Manufacturing and Process Engineer Andrew Carter presents the results of an 8-month study about INCONEL 625 powder reuse and the effect on additive tensile properties.

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Andrew serves as a Process and Manufacturing Engineer. In this role he supports the Additive Metals Department and has established Stratasys Direct Manufacturing’s resources for metallographic evaluation. Andrew holds a MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University. 

Our Experts: Andrew Carter

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